Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Is Raw Milk Safe?

This is one of the most common questions that I receive from both clients and friends; "Is raw milk safe?" Especially now, when I talk about giving Kicker raw kefir, raw milk, raw butter, raw cheese,  etc. Our Oncologist made sure to tells us "No raw dairy, whatsoever!" So guess what I did? Stood up, loudly cleared my throat, put my super smart, sexy, reading glasses on, whipped out my power point presentation and told him whats up! Ok, just kidding, I have much more respect than that-and lets be honest, I am not that brave! 

In all honesty though, there are many times to listen to your doctor-most are very educated well versed in things that you and I couldn't even begin to understand.  There are times, however, to do your OWN research and educate yourself on what is best. I would argue that most of the time, when it comes to anything nutrition related, do not just jump at taking your doctors advice. Most of them have only received 1 week of nutrition in ALL OF medical school and residency! And now, most medical schools don't even require nutrition-it is an elective..GASP.  That said, they specialize in medicine, and that is where their expertise is. As a nutritionist, I specialize in….you guessed it, nutrition!

Lets talk about how raw milk got a bad wrap to begin with.  In the late 1800's, farmers began seeing a sudden influx in demand for product. As our population began drastically increasing, the demand for production and preservation of food also increased. Widespread urban growth caused by industrialization, dramatically impacted the once 'proper' preparation and cultivation of food. The way farmers were able to increase production of their product in order to meet demand, was of course to compromise the way it was produced-quantity vs quality. These farmers were buying more cattle, keeping them in closer quarters, and supplementing their feed with grain, to increase the cow's size and  milk supply. Suddenly people began getting ill and even dying from bacteria that was found to be coming from raw milk; tuberculosis, brucellosis, diphtheria, salmonella, listeria, etc. With the onset of industrialization, we began demanding more food and food that would last longer. The consequence was our health, and people began dying because of it. While many cultures up until then had thrived off of raw milk, seeing it as 'medicine,'  they were consuming a completely different form of raw milk than what began happening in the late 1800's.

Microbiologist Louis Pasteur, came up with a way to not only kill all of the bad bacteria in milk, but allow the milk to be shelf stable for a month or more, versus the week long expiration that raw milk had.  If you cook the hell out of the milk, you kill…well, everything. Not only was this supposed to save peoples lives, but it was a large profitable benefit to the dairy industry.  Thus, the pasteurization of diary was born.
You see, cows are meant to roam pasture and eat grass. They were not meant to be raised in covered barns, knee deep in their own feces. They were not meant to eat grains.  One of the reasons that conventionally raised cattle are given antibiotics, is because they get so sick from being fed corn and soy, that the only way to keep them alive, is to pump them full of antibiotics. So naturally, if you pack any animal into close quarters, feed them food they cannot digest, compromise on the care and cleanliness of the animal-you will end up with a sick animal. Therefore you get 'sick' food. So is raw milk safe? Not this kind-no way!

Not much longer after we began murdering, uh-hum, I mean 'pasrurizing' milk, more and more people began complaining of digestive symptoms; bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, nauseous. Well, we weren't dying, so no one seemed to care too much about the sudden onset of what we now call "lactose intolerance." I don't know about you, but I would totally chose diarrhea over death! But
what if you could still enjoy milk without those less than glamours side effects and bonus…NOT die? Guess what-YOU CAN! Raw milk does NOT cause lactose intolerance! Even more importantly, you have a much higher chance of dying from consumption of pasteurized milk than raw. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) since 1972, there have been 422 illness and 70 deaths from pasteurized milk. There have only been 1100 illness and 0 deaths from raw milk. Not to mention that the constant stress the murdered dairy is doing to your gut can eventually turn into a chronic disease, such as chrons or colitis.

Why does this happen? When you heat milk to anywhere between 160 degrees Fahrenheit (pasteurized)- 280 degrees Fahrenheit (pasteurized and homogenized). You destroy not only pathogens, bugs and bad bacteria that could be present, but you also destroy the good bacteria that is necessary to digest the milk.  According to studies found here, "pasteurization destroys enzymes, diminishes vitamin content, denatures fragile milk proteins, destroys vitamins C, B12 and B6, kills beneficial bacteria, promotes pathogens and is associated with allergies, increased tooth decay, colic in infants, growth problems in children, osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease and cancer. Calves fed pasteurized milk do poorly and many die before maturity." 

You are probably thinking "At least if I drink any kind of cows milk, I can get a good source of calcium, building strong bones and good teeth. Oh and all those movie stars with the mustaches? They totally have strong bones and amazing teeth." WRONG! Pasteurized milk,  leaches calcium from the body, since this enzyme-less artificial, modern food cannot be easily metabolized. The processes of removal from the blood takes a lot of calcium stores from the teeth and bones. The definition of pasteurization is removal of all enzymes via heat. One of the enzymes in milk thus denatured is phosphatase. Its purpose? Calcium absorption. Without phosphatase, calcium absorption doesn’t happen.  Nice try, marketing and advertising! 

What makes REAL raw milk not just healthy, but safe? According to the Raw Milk Institute, "Raw
milk contains many components that kill pathogens and strengthen the immune system. These include lacto-peroxidase, lacto-ferrin, anti-microbial components of blood (leukocytes, B-macrophages, neutrophils, T-lymphocytes, immunoglobulins and antibodies), special carbohydrates (polysaccharides and oligosaccharides), special fats (medium chain fatty acids, phospholipids and spingolipids), complement enzymes, lysozyme, hormones, growth factors, mucins, fibronectin, glycomacropeptide, beneficial bacteria, bifidus factor and B12-binding protein.  These components are largely inactivated by the heat of pasteurization and ultra-pasteurization.  This five-fold protective system destroys pathogens in the milk, stimulates the immune system, builds healthy gut wall, prevents absorption of pathogens and toxins in the gut and ensures assimilation of all the nutrients.  So powerful is the anti-microbial system in raw milk that when large quantities of pathogens are added to raw milk, their numbers diminish over time and eventually disappear."  For a discussion of scientific papers showing the pathogen-killing properties of raw milk, see Does Raw Milk Kill Pathogens? by Dr. Ted Beals."

What I find very disturbing about the conventional dairy industry is that inspection of dairy herds for disease is not required for pasteurized milk. In fact, there is absolutely no accountability for conventional dairy farmers and no reason for them to 'pursue' excellence. The milk from 100 different farmers is all sent to the same processing plant and poured into one, very large, steel container to be murdered at 160-280F. So why would Farmer John care to do anything out of the ordinary to make a better product, when his product is going to be thrown into the mix with Farmer Joe, Farmer Tom and Farmer Bill? Whats most disturbing is that during the processing of pasteurized dairy, workers have to remove the slime and pus from the milk (which is produced only by sick, unhealthy cows) by a process called centrifugal clarification. So just think, while you are sipping on that glass of good ol' doctor recommended, pasteurized milk-you may as well be sipping on some slime and pus, mmmmmm. 

With Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures
A good, raw milk dairy farmer that is following clean practices, has to undergo an unreal and almost unrealistic amount of inspections and government testing. Organic Pastures Dairy is the largest raw milk dairy farm in the USA and spends the majority of its funding on testing. In fact they test each and every batch for pathogens and all bacteria. These test are all available for the consumer to review upon request. California standards for human consumption raw milk require fewer than 10 coliforms, fewer than 15,000 live bacteria per ml and absolutely no pathogens. Organic Pastures Dairy averages about 1500 beneficial living bacterial per ml and NO test has ever detected a human pathogen in their raw milk samples. Ever. But, conventional dairy's (pasteurized milk) permits 100,000 bacteria per ml for milk going to be pasteurized  which can include pathogens (this is arguably the reason why milk is pasteurized). 

I would NEVER allow my child, especially a child that is battling a life threatening illness, to consume conventional, pasteurized dairy, but I make sure that Kicker gets his daily dose of raw dairy to help build his immune system, bones, digestion, brain, and overall health. Oh and just another benefit of raw milk…..Bacteria found in the bio diversity in raw milk triggers Killer T- Cell differentiation, which destroys cancer cells. So is raw milk safe? Absolutely!  Especially for those fighting disease! Remember that it is important to ensure that your raw milk farmer follows good, safe farming practices. Contact your local Weston A. Price chapter leader for a resource local to you for raw milk! Raw milk does a body good!
At the beautiful Organic Pastures Dairy in Fresno, CA!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Choosing Joy

We arrived home to Mammoth on Sunday evening and after unloading, we started a fire, cuddled up on the couch with our favorite blanket and enjoyed the blessing of a clean house, clean carpets and beautiful flowers on our table (many thanks to our neighbors and friends). We soaked up the few hours we were home until we packed our bags the next day and drove 3 hours to Reno, for Kickers first treatment at his new clinic with his new Oncologist, Dr. H. She is wonderful and the nurses are amazing. What an incredible difference from our experience at Loma Linda.

Fast forward to now. I am sitting in my bed writing with barely the energy to type. The last few days have been hard on this momma. I think that the emotional wear and tear, the stress, the fear is all catching up to me. I am trying so hard to be grateful that we are home, but I think part of the challenge is that we ARE home. When we were here before, Kicker was healthy. Our life was so good, so amazing and I remember always thinking, that I was AM the luckiest girl in the world. Today, I had a hundred errands I needed to run, but couldn't take Kicker out in public. What used to be so normal and so second nature, has to be thoughtful, mapped out, and planned on Josh's days off.  I want to be able to get dressed in my work clothes, meet with clients and on my lunch break, run home to give the kids a
smooch. I want to have our friends over for dinner without asking if anyone is sick or has been sick. I want to go to play dates at the park. I want to look on Instagram without crumbling to pieces, being remained of everyone else's healthy children and perfect lives. I want to sleep through the night without waking in fear of the what ifs. I want to study prenatal nutrition and blood chemistry, not research cancer treatments and the toxic effects of chemotherapy. I want to have the energy and excitement to plan my beautiful little girls 5th birthday party. I want to have light-hearted conversations with my husband, dreaming about our next 'adventure.' I want to go to bed with him, happy, every night and joke like we always used to. I want this headache to go away-you know the crying headache, where the front of your head throbs due to the contraction of your face from the constant release of tears.

The one who's broken
The one who's torn me apart
You struck down to bind me up
You say You do it all in love
That I might know You in Your suffering" 

The sites and sounds of my baby boy being held down and drugged while I sat helpless in the corner of the room, haunts me. I can't take much more of watching my baby go through this. The lumbar puncture (LP) is a procedure where they give him two meds to consciously sedate him, and then lay him on his side and use a needle to administer chemo into his spine.  He has had at least 10 of these in the last four months.  The last few LP's have gone terribly. The sedation meds don't seem to work for him, his body metabolizes them too quickly. So he just lays on his side and screams for his mommy, the kind of crying/screaming that I had never, ever heard come out of him until this all began 4 months ago. With a minimum of 2 nurses holding him down and the doctor behind him performing the surgery, he is terrified. I just close my eyes and try so hard to pray, but usually I can't even form a thought, let alone words. My body aches from the tension and the front of my neck is always soaked from tears. Every damn day, I can't help but ask for the millionth time, "why him God, why him?" Every time he gets accessed (a large needle going into the port in his chest) he screams and just has the look in his eyes of despair and fear.  We keep asking the nurses if he will 'get used to it,' and each time we are reminded "that he is only 3, so of course it is going to be terrifying."  So many people have told me that I am so strong and that if anyone can handle this, its me. Although their words are kind and well meant, I don't feel strong and I sure as hell don't believe I am fit to handle this.

Though You take from me
I will bless Your name
Though You ruin me
Still I will worship
Sing a song to the one who's all I need"

Last week we began our most intensive phase of treatment yet. He is going to be pumped full of all kinds of chemo drugs-one in particular that is known for causing heart damage. He is supposed to loose his hair, not feel well and become neutropenic, almost 'guaranteeing' a hospital stay. Although I try hard to stay positive and not believe any of that, it is so scary. I am completely aware that I have lost track of  'living 15 minutes at a time.' Surely that is part of the reason I have been a hot mess. As a parent, you just want to do anything you can to ensure your children are happy, healthy and safe. When you loose that control, you can't help but loose your own strength and control.

Hard times make the good times better and we DO have more good days than bad. For that I am grateful. My son is healthy and strong, considering he has cancer. In 3 years from now, we WILL be through this and he will have kicked cancers ass. Even now, I can look back and be reminded of all the answered prayers, the amazing progress Kicker has made, and see the overwhelming support we have. To have family and friends behind us is a huge blessing. To see pictures of people holding #teamkicker signs is so motivating. The messages, cards, gifts, donations, have truly had our jaws on the floor and helped piece back together our broken hearts. We have so much to be thankful for and I know, deep down….deep, deep, deeeeeeep down, somewhere, that God has intention and a plan for our lives that included this journey from the beginning. I pray that, I KNOW that He is going to make good of this bad and use us in some incredible way. I am going to trust that this affliction is meaningful. Every second of my misery, my obedience is producing glory, somehow, someway. I trust that this journey is working for Gods ETERNAL glory. I will not loose heart. (Do I truly believe all of that? I am trying, so very hard to). Although I am going to bed with a broken heart and tear stains on my shirt, I am going to wake up and choose joy! Will you join me?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Why We Are Doing Chemo

Short Answer:
To avoid being charged with child abuse and have our son taken away from us. 

Long Answer: 
I have had so many eyebrows raised at us during the last 4 months. Some from disbelief of what has happened to Kicker, some from true empathy and many eyebrows have been raised in true disdain from our medical team of the questions I bring to challenge their puppet like acts. Most recently, however, I have realized many are raising their eyebrows in more of a "why the hell is this mom-who is so super crunchy-choosing to give her kid chemotherapy instead of doing holistic cancer treatment?" I have had private messages, emails, even phone calls of caring people telling me how poisonous chemotherapy is and that there are so many better, less harmful options out there. And although their hearts and intentions  are kind-I always want to respond with tears of frustration "Do you REALLY think that I don't know that?"

If you think we live in a free country, let me tell you what would happen if we in fact had chosen NOT to give Kicker conventional cancer treatment (complete with spoonfuls of sugar to help the chemo go down). 

I used to be certain that I was in charge of my child's best interest. Their health, their day to day decisions, what time they go to bed, what they eat, when they go to the doctor, etc. When you are married by the state-what you make together (and I am not talking about cookies and chicken, I am talking about whoopee) belongs to the state. We already looked at the option of getting divorced for 'legal' purposes to ensure Kicker has the opportunity to receive the best care-but we 'made' Kicker the good ol' Christain way-WHEN we were married. So whether we stayed married or not, he belongs to the state. Just wait until I send the damn state his last clinic bill for the 3 different doses of chemotherapy, the blood thinning medication they use for his portacath, the numbing cream for his lumbar puncture, the anti nauseous medication they give him prior to his treatment, the doctors hourly wages and the operation room charges. Not to mention the bills for the emotional help I will need after watching a team of 5 people hold down my babies body while he screamed for me as a needle was jammed into his spine to put chemotherapy in his tiny little body. 

There have been two recent cases in the news proving the repercussions of a parents who made a researched, educated and loving decision for the medical treatment of their child, that is outside of conventional care. You can read about them here and here

The night we were told of Kicker's diagnosis, we had a conference call with our team of alternative physicians. After listening to the Oncologists plan of treatment, rate of survivorship, estimated cost, etc. We were anxious to hear our next option so that we could compare and make a prayerful decision over which plan to take for Kicker.  When we started to hear our alternative team talk about 'getting on a flight to Germany' or driving over the boarder to Mexico, we quickly became overwhelmed and confused. It is at that moment we realized that we didn't actually have a choice, unless we wanted to risk ending up in jail and/or loosing our son to the state. It was maddening. To be in the 'fight' of your life and suddenly realize you had no choice on making the best decision for your sons care.  We got off that phone call and I leaned against the wall of that dark and dirty hospital room, slid to the floor and cried. At this point, I realized that I had lost all control. 

In a statement regarding the Amish girl who was almost taken from her parents for seeking alternative care, the hospital said, "that its goal is to ensure that the girl receives the most appropriate care based on scientific evidence and added that the allegation has never been about 'parental unfitness.' It said neither the hospital nor anyone else is requesting legal or physical custody of the child; instead, the hospital said, this case 'involves a disagreement between providers and parents over what course of treatment is best for their child.' (the PARENTS, if fit-mentally stable, educated and loving, should always have the right to make the decision of what is in the BEST interest of their child, PERIOD) The ruling said that while adults can refuse medical treatment regardless of the consequences, children do not have those same rights because of their vulnerability and inability to make critical decisions in a mature manner. Read more here.So since when does an educated, intelligent and prayerful parent have an inability to make critical decisions in a mature manner? I would rather not have my son's life in the hands of someone who knows nothing about him, is being driven by profit and ultimately approaching treatment in a "one size, fits all" manner. I want to have his care in someone who will not tell me he becomes a 'number.' I want to have his care in the hands of someone who is going to have HIS best interest in mind and make changes to his protocol as needed.

"A court ordering a little girl to be ripped away from her loving and competent parents, and forced to submit to procedures that could kill or sterilize her, simply because her parents sought to first pursue a less invasive treatment option — – one the hospital disagreed with because it did not itself provide it.” said Maurice Thompson, Executive Director of the 1851 Center. Read more here.

Because of advances in medicine, such as chemotherapy treatment, many people can survive cancer now. In the case of leukemia, there has been a significant increase in the survivorship of this disease in the past two decades. However, as most educated parents would do, once you research those statistics, you begin to learn that the word "survive" and "thrive" are very different. I want my baby to not just survive, while experiencing hair loss, infections, a suppressed immune system, infertility, organ damage, cardiovascular disease, being crippled, and god forbid, another form of cancer in 10 years. Those are PROVEN and COMMON side effects from chemotherapy and the other drugs used in conventional cancer treatment. So yes, I am grateful that my boy will survive, but I sure as hell want him to THRIVE and that is why, despite the eyebrows raised in disdain from our conventional medical team, we are doing everything we can to make that happen. When the medical world uses the word "survive," it surely doesn't mean "thrive." 

So will we be in the news because we took our child away from conventional care and flew to Europe to get alternative treatment? No, at least not now-but the more I learn, the wider that door seems to get. We have a peace about where we are at for now. Although it is a daily struggle and a constant reminder that God is in control and He is the ultimate physician. As I have begun communicating with Him again (God that is) It is really a lot of weight off my shoulders to be reminded that He has this. He is the ultimate physician. And for that I am thankful. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bone Broth As An Alternative Therapy For Cancer

Can diet cure cancer? I believe it can play an extremely important role in healing the body of cancer alongside other therapies. I believe that one of the very important parts of that diet, should include bone broth. 

What if our grandma was right…That chicken soup WAS really good for the soul. After all it always made us feel better when we were sick. To this day, we correlate chicken soup with being ill. So what is it about the chicken soup? Is it the chicken? The veggies? The broth? I believe it is a combination of all three that gives this super food a reason to be in everyones' daily routine for better health!  In this post I am going to specifically cover the importance of bone broth {a form of chicken soup} and its healing properties for chronic disease.

What is Bone Broth?

real food daily
Bone Broth is the soup from bones (beef, poultry, fish) cooked over a long period of time (12-48 hours) flavored with vegetables and fresh herbs. Once finished cooking, the liquid (broth) is strained from the bones and vegetables and stored in the fridge/freezer to be consumed. You can enjoy broth as a warm beverage, a base to cook legumes and grains in-significantly increasing the digestibility and nutrient content of those otherwise difficult to digest foods. We typically use the carcass of an organic, pastured chicken that we had previously roasted for dinner. Once the meat has been consumed, we reserve the carcass in the freezer until I have the opportunity to make broth.

When suffering from an illness, infection or chronic disease, it is an attack on our immune system in the form of inflammation in the body. Therefore it is essential to incorporate anti-inflammatory nutrients into your diet through food and supplementation in order to heal your immune system. Did you know that 80-90% of our immune system is located in our gut? Let me break it down for you: what we eat, goes into our gut, which then contributes to the integrity of our immune system. Therefore it is essential that we choose our nutrients wisely and eat with a purpose, right? 

Why Our Gut Needs Bone Broth: 

alternative therapy for cancer
photo courtesy of
The most common understanding of our gut, is that it receives and absorbs the food we eat and turns it into nutrients which keep us alive. Some of you have a love/hate relationship with your gut. You LOVE eating, but HATE how your gut reacts to the foods you are eating. Let me explain the 'hate' aspect of your relationship with your gut. We are created to have a thick mucousal lining that surrounds our gut to keep specific nutrients in and only let the necessary, digested nutrients into our blood stream. Picture a thick workout resistance band-the kind many physical therapists use for rehabilitation. This 'band' stretches over the top of the brain and continues through the body, surrounding the organs and glands superior to inferior, ending around the urinary tract. This mucousal lining acts as a protective barrier from the toxins we absorb through our skin; it protects our organs and prevents undigested foods and bugs from slipping into our blood stream. Due to the exposure of environmental toxins, indulgence in the standard American diet, pharmaceutical drug use and physical/emotional stress, that mucousal lining begins to resemble less of the workout resistance band and more like a pair of fishnet stockings. Those above mentioned 'toxins' cause the mucosal lining to become penetrated, letting undigested foods slip from the gut into the bloodstream. This activate the bodies immune system to respond as it finds 'foreign invaders' floating through the blood stream. The white blood cells mount an attack and histamine is produced.  Thus, food allergies are born. When this continues and goes on ignored, our own immune system becomes so used to 'attacking' foreign invaders that it begins to loose recognition of good and bad. Picture one of our military soldiers. They have been at war for 72 hours straight. No sleep, little food, just an intense gun battle. The air is so thick with smoke that it is hard to see anything. The solider is exhausted and becomes delirious. As a self defense reaction, he begins shooting at anything and everything that comes in his sight. This is similar to what would happen to our own immune system with a constant assault of undigested foods and bugs getting into our blood stream. Our white blood cells (the soldiers)-become so delirious, that they start attacking everything, good and bad. Thus leading to autoimmune disease. Definition of an autoimmune disease via Wikipedia: Arise from an abnormal immune response of the body against substances and tissues normally present in the body (autoimmunity). This may be restricted to certain organs (e.g. in autoimmune thyroiditis) or involve a particular tissue in different places. Can you even imagine the gut and mucousal lining disruption from chemotherapy, steroids, antibiotics, anti-funglas and radiation? Understanding that many of those medications may be necessary to treat the disease-it is crucial to do whatever we can to preserve our future health by being proactive and using our diet to cure cancer. 

Healing with Bone Broth:

ketogenic diet for cancer
Chicken Feet are an
incredible source of
gelatin for your broth!
Can Diet Cure Cancer?So how does bone broth help with this war going on in our body? The gelatinous properties naturally occurring from the joints and connective tissues in the bones, are drawn out into the broth during the cooking process.  These nutrients patch up the holes in our mucousal lining. Gelatin, which is plentiful in homemade bone broth, is an incredible digestive aid. It has been used very successfully in the treatment of many intestinal diseases such as IBS, Crohns, Colitis and even Rheumatoid Arthritis. Speaking of digestive aid, bone broth specifically helps stimulate the production of stomach acid, necessary in the breakdown and absorption of proteins and minerals. Many people fighting disease, especially cancer, quickly loose the ability to properly digest their food. Due to the sympathetic {stressful} state their body is in, combined with the laundry list of pharmaceuticals they are taking, producing stomach acid is a challenge.  I have been receiving many emails from other cancer moms who are very concerned with their child's eating challenges during treatment. Most of these children are loosing weight, constantly throwing up and severely anemic. Sadly they are on antacid medications, which further suppresses the stomach acid necessary to digest protein. It is no wonder that forcing these children to eat anything is such a task; their little bodies no longer have the raw materials needed to digest food. Bone broth is a very effective and gentle way to stimulate digestion and calm the stomach. Not only is it full of nutrients {gelatin, minerals, particularly calcium, magnesium and potassium}, needed for a growing child, it is full of some essential amino acids. 

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Proteins, as many of you know, are one of the most important aspects of our immune system. Two of the most important amino acids coming from gelatin that help promote a healthy immune system are Glycine and Proline. These amino acids have incredible anti-inflammatory abilities as well as detox properties.  Published in JAMA in 1935 {Journal of the American Medical Association}, Dr. Reuban Ottenberg stated:

"It has been suggested that the administration of extra amounts of proteins containing an abundance of glycine (such as gelatin) will help the work in the liver. This seems particularly plausible since the recent work of Quick, who has shown that the ability of the liver to perform this protective synthesis is limited by the amount of glycine available." 

So in other words-not only will glycine promote healing, but will help the liver detox as well.  For more on the specifics of the other specific nutrients in broth, read here

chemo for childhood leukemiaWith a lack of attention to the absolute need to detox our children when they are going through rounds and rounds of cyto-toxic drugs {chemotherapy}, this is one easy way to begin supporting their bodies own ability to detoxing.  

As I mentioned above, many cancer patients bodies are so disrupted form the overload of medications that they loose the ability of their body to function properly. They need the raw materials to do that. A sour stomach isn't a Pepsid deficiency; the inability to fight a bacterial infection isn't a Septra deficiency. Those are symptoms that the body is lacking the raw materials to do its job. So how do we get those raw materials back? Your right, we consume them! My previous knowledge in anatomy and physiology reminds me that if a specific organ or gland need support, then consume that same 'organ or gland' from a healthy source. No I am not talking about cannibalism (although that would have made for a super interesting and dramatic twist to this otherwise boring blog post). I am talking about therapeutic healing from pasture raised animals. When I would have a client come to me with severe adrenal fatigue, I would give them pharmaceutical grade nutrients that included desiccated adrenal glands from a healthy pasture raised animal. When I had a women suffering the
ketogenic diet for cancer
Kicker getting his raw materials from
homemade bone broth!
symptoms of a poor functioning thyroid, she would see incredible progress through supplementing with thyroid nutrients from a healthy, pasture raised animals' thyroid gland. For leukemia, which is a cancer of the bone marrow, I was insistent on getting Kicker to consume plenty of bone marrow. Bone broth should always include bone marrow, which helps provide the raw materials for healthy blood cells and immune development. In fact, 
the gelatin components of bone broth, coming from marrow, has been incredibly successful in the treatment of anemia and other diseases of the blood, even cancer.  

After 16 rounds of chemo in almost 3 months, my 3 year old little fighter has yet to experience any side effects from chemotherapy. I believe it is nothing short of a miracle and thank God for the knowledge and resources we have for diet, detox and alternative therapy for cancer to support our son in the battle of his life. 

So I believe Grandma was not only right, but she would be so happy to know that her advice has now been published in a clinical study done at University of Nebraska Medical Center.  “The current study, therefore, presents evidence that chicken soup might have an anti-inflammatory activity, namely the inhibition of neutrophil migration,” said Dr. Rennard. This is particularly good news for individuals with chronic inflammation, auto-immune conditions and cancer.  

Bone Broth Recipe:

You can use the bones from any healthy animal-preferably a organically raised, pastured animal that is not being fed grain and not given antibiotics. The quality of healing will be a reflection of the quality of the food we are eating, so we must choose wisely!

real food daily
Photo Courtesy of Selah Wellness

Ideally you want your broth to be the consistency of jello when it has cooled. This ensures that it is full of nutrient dense gelatin. Warming it up will melt the consistency to a liquid which can be easily consumed, however the jigglier the better.  Side Note: The song that comes to mind when I think about gelatinous broth is "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…" with my own version "my bone broth brings all the boys to the yard, and there like its jigglier than yours, damn right, its jigglier than yours…." Sorry.  Moving on

This is a recipe for chicken bone broth. We prefer this over the others as it has such a soothing, smooth taste and is particularly calming to the tummy.

The carcass of one whole, pastured raised chicken
2 Chicken 
feet {this is optional, but it adds so much gelatin to the broth}


{the next two ingredients are to be added in the last 20 minutes of cooking}
2 teaspoons of sea salt
1 bunch of Parsley
{The following is not necessary but adds a wonderful flavor}


chicken and 
Place all ingredients in the pot with the purified water. {I always purchase organic vegetables so I don't even peel the onions or chop the carrots and celery}.  Let the ingredients sit for 
minutes, which allows the raw apple cider vinegar to draw the minerals out of the bones. Bring 
boil. Skim the impurities that have risen to the top of the stock pot, then reduce 
Add the sea salt and 
 at the end-about 20 minutes before turning the heat off. Strain the liquid through a sieve and store in glass mason jars. Broth can be stored in the fridge for up to a week and in the freezer for a few months.